How To Take a Great Photo Using Perfect Lighting


When you have a fashion blog, photos are the most important thing. Taking pictures isn’t as easy as just taking a selfie anywhere. Specific tips make a perfect photo that looks professional and make you look your best, like a model.

Simple, subtle things could be done to make your blog photos look like they’re done by a professional. Lighting could set the mood and create anything that your heart desires to express.Continue reading

Make Your Eyes Loud This Summer!


Summer is fun, hot, and the best time of the year. Swimming, hanging out with friends, road trips, why not make it even more fun with loud eyes, like in the picture above. Using bright colors on your eyes will make everyone notice you.Continue reading

Fringe, String, and Strands – Oh My!


What are the strings on a guitar and the strings on accessories have in common? They make you more cool and interesting.

Here’s a picture of my absolute favorite purse above. I love it so much! I got it on the Zulily site from the Jessica Simpson collection and had to buy it. It makes noise when I move it, but I don’t care lol.

Fringe is very in right now in all sorts of clothing and accessories, they spruce up a bland outfit to an outfit with pizazz.Continue reading

Rock N’ Roll Nails to Spice Up Your Look


A cool addition to your look is to have awesome nails! There’s a lot of different styles to spice up your look and the nails above are just one example. Rock n’ roll nails are a way to make you look cool for a night out and stand out.Continue reading

Cozywinters Clothing for the Bitter Winter


Cozy Winters has a great selection of winter clothing and accessories for the harsh winter weather including heated gloves, battery heated clothing, foot warmers, snow and ice cleats, etc.Continue reading

Modern Flapper Styles and Accessories


The roaring 20’s, Great Gatsby style, Jazz Age fashion — whatever you wanna call it, the fashion is very in right now. If done right, retro could really be incorporated into your daily fashion. It’s nice to not forget the fashion that was.Continue reading

Cute Folk Styles – Retro Is In!


Folk fashions are very in for the fall and winter months. They involve comfortable, easy going outfits that anyone would be glad to wear in the cold months.

Boots are an example of this fashion and could keep your feet comfortable from all the elements of the outdoors. Pair them with some skinny jeans, like the girl above, and they’ll look perfect.Continue reading