Kiss The Collection Fascination Medium Nails


Kiss The Collection Fascination Medium Nails (Buy: Ebay Coupon) is something that I tried lately for quick nail art when going out for Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend. I loved them so much I had to show them off! Apparently, they’re very rare. When I bought them at Walmart, I didn’t know this so I’m very lucky to have found them.

Anyway, more about the nails πŸ™‚ Kiss partnered with social influencers and nail art experts to create this, and other (shown below), nail art designs. This particular brand name is appropriately called “The Collection.” The name for this particular design is called “Fascination.”Continue reading

Easy Nail Art with Jamberry Nails!


Jamberry Nails is a company that I came across on Twitter that apparently has pretty nail wraps for beautiful, easy nail art that are easy to put on and lasts longer than regular nail polish!

An independent consultant associated with Jamberry Nails was kind enough to send me a sample pack and I’ve been in love with them ever since! I’ve even bought some more with my own money!

**Join my online nail party to buy these beautiful, fashionable nail wraps and for more info on these today! Opened for a limited time! :)**

All you need really to apply them is the nail wraps and a mini heater, which they have that you could order, or a hair dryerHere’s the one I use.

In the above picture, I put them over Kiss Everlasting French Medium Nails (Review Here). The application is a little different compared to putting them on real nails, but is still very easy. I’ll explain how to put them on acrylic nails below.

I have tiny hands and I found these nail wraps to accommodate even the smallest hands. Great news for petites! They also have some for children and mommy & me sets for some mommy & me time.

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French Tip Nails That Fit Small Fingernails!

french_tip_nails_1Kiss Everlasting French Medium Nails is what I’ll be talking about today.

I’ve always been a nail bitter and tried my hardest several times to quit biting, but I always go back to biting them when not paying attention fully to what I was doing.

It’s always a big problem for me and my nails usually look messed up somehow. I also have really tiny hands and have always been weary of getting fake nails, but I wanted to cover the bit nails so much that I decided one day to give in and buy some from the store.

There’s petite-lengthed nails, but it’s not specified anywhere of petite-width nails. That’s always frustrated me so I had to resort to trial and error. I’ve been to the nail salon before, but that could get pricy.

French tip nails from a box are much more cost efficient and easy to put on yourself, you just have to find the right nails for your preferences. Luckily, I found the perfect French tip nails that I could put on at home.Continue reading

Carmex Cherry Lip Balm Click Stick Review


I’m gonna talk about one of my favorite lip balms, Carmex Cherry Lip Balm Click Stick. Above is a picture of me in a car. Don’t worry, not driving lol!

It was a cold day so I thought that my lips needed some extra protection from the elements outside. This lip balm is perfect for that so I put it on before leaving the apartment! It’s great protection from sunlight, wind, and, if you put enough on, gives a nice shine to your lips.

Other Accessories Info (In Pictures):

Sunglasses: Polka Dot Cat Eye Women’s Mod Fashion Super Cat Sunglasses (Review Coming Soon)

Feather Hair Clip: Zulily Brown Feather Hair Clip (similar)

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Ruffled Button-Front Floral Dress + Pink Lips

This is one of my all-time favorite dresses that I own that I just had to share with you. It’s from Forever 21 and is an adorable addition to my wardrobe. It’s called Forever 21’s “Ruffled Button-Front Floral Dress.”


Dress: Forever 21 – Ruffled Button-Front Floral Dress (similar, similar – with longer sleeves)

Shoes: American Eagle Gray Wedged Heels (similar, similar)

Lipstick: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick – Fuchsia Shock (similar, similar)

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