Busy Life? Trouble Remembering Things? Here’s your answer…


Having a busy life could become hectic and anyone could easily forget things. You could use a daily planner like the one in the picture above or you could use what I use. What is that you ask?…Continue reading

How To Take a Great Photo Using Perfect Lighting


When you have a fashion blog, photos are the most important thing. Taking pictures isn’t as easy as just taking a selfie anywhere. Specific tips make a perfect photo that looks professional and make you look your best, like a model.

Simple, subtle things could be done to make your blog photos look like they’re done by a professional. Lighting could set the mood and create anything that your heart desires to express.Continue reading

Tips on Picking a Good Domain For Your Blog


One of the most important things to really think about when you’re planning to create a blog is the domain of the blog. The domain is the url of your website, like mine is trulydainty.com, and is what people will remember most about your blog, besides the title.Continue reading

How to Make Your Fashion Blog a Great Style Guide


Lets face it, making a great blog is really hard work, no matter how you look at it. It’s not easy! So my first warning to making a successful blog is that it’s gonna be hard and take many thankless hours to develop so if you’re not up for that, I would maybe think of some other way to spend your time and/or make money.

Fashion blogging may seem like a fun, exciting way to make a good income, but it is very difficult to make money if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you do know what you’re doing, everyone makes mistakes and you’re bound to make some along the way, and if you’re smart, you’ll learn from them.Continue reading