Best Petite Clothing That Every Petite Should Have

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I know that sometimes it could be difficult to find clothes that flatter your petite Best Petite Clothing Picturebody, but there are items of clothing out there that are really cute and flatter a shorter stature. I believe that every petite should have certain things in their closet that they could wear in their daily lives and look good. We may not be as tall as a supermodel, but we could still look fabulous. The best petite clothing are out there!


So What Are The Best Clothes That Flatter A Petite’s Physique?

I’d like to elaborate this more for you all. I know that petites may find it hard to find clothes that fit perfectly. Believe me, I know! But there are certain things that look good on a vertically challenged person. Let me explain what….



Flared jeans are the best jeans for petites. The hem of these kind of jeans are meant to cover your shoes, therefore, the longer pant legs make your legs look longer, but don’t let your jeans drag on the floor or you’ll end up looking shorter.

Low-rise jeans are the best for petites also because they make the torso look longer and that makes you, in part, look taller.


Best Petite Clothing - Low Rise Jeans


Work Pants

Work pants have the same rules generally for them as jeans do. Flared and low-rise work pants topped with nice high heeled shoes that match the work pants will go great with them and elongate the body because the matching colors of the pants and shoes blend together to create a longer look.


Best Petite Clothing - Flared Work Pants


Short Jackets and Coats

The best jackets and coats for petites are ones that are short and end near the waist or to the bottom of your low-rise jeans. It’s easy for a long coat or jacket to look like it’s swallowing a petite girl up and it could make you look shorter. Short jackets and coat are adorable and look a lot more fitted. The sleeves of the coat or jacket should also not be beyond the wrists.


Best Petite Clothing - Short Jacket


High Heels

High heels are an obvious choice for when a girl or women wants to look taller. Of course, you don’t have to look tall all the time, but when you do want to add a couple inches, high heels are a sexy, easy choice.

To make you look even longer, you should have high heeled shoes that are your skin tone, like the one shown below. They make it look like your legs go on forever.


Best Petite Clothing - Skin Toned Heels


V-Neck T-Shirt or Tank

V-neck t-shirts and tank are a perfect choice for petites because they bring attention to the face and elongate your neck and make you look longer and leaner. They are especially great for girls and women with a short neck.

V-neck t-shirts could be either casual or dressy, depending on the fabric. For a casual look, you may want to get a comfortable fabric like cotton. For a more dressy or work look, you may want to get a cashmere or silk shirt.


Best Petite Clothing - V-Neck T-Shirt


White Button-Down Shirt

Every woman should have a white button-down shirt because it goes with anything and any situation. You could either wear this kind of shirt for work or leisure.

The best white button-down shirt for a petite is one that has long-sleeves (not go beyond the wrists), pointed collar, button down front (of course), and you should also leave the buttons at the top of the shirt open to form a v-neck, which as mentioned earlier, gives you an elongated look and makes you look longer and leaner.


Best Petite Clothing - White Button-Down SHirt


Little Black Dress

All women of all shapes and sizes should have a little black dress. They are classic and will always be in style.  The best little black dress is one that has a v-neck or is strapless. They both look flattering on a petite girl or woman because they both create a longer look.

Your little black dress should also be short, above the knee, possibly half way above the knee, so that you show leg and this could make you look longer.

Don’t have your dress be too short or it could look trashy. You could look sexy without showing too much.


Best Petite Clothing - Little Black Dress


Fitted Clothes Are Important!

Fitted clothes are the most important aspect of every clothing in a petite’s closet. Some clothes may not fit perfectly so they may need to be tailored, but this isn’t a hard process. You could either tailor it yourself or get a professional to do it. Fitted clothes always look the best on anyone.

If you would like to learn how to measure yourself properly, check out my article called “How To Measure Your Body For Fitting Clothes” 🙂


Best Petite Clothing - Fitted Clothes


Flattering petite clothing could be tricky to find, but I hope that I elaborated on the issue a little. Petite’s could have clothes that are adorable and look good. We don’t have to settle for average sized clothing, there are clothing for petites, they just might be a little more difficult to look for, but they’re there.

I encourage you to please leave a comment or question below. If you don’t agree with me, let me know. Let’s start a conversation! I’d love to hear from you!

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