Clothing Variety – Important To Switch It Up

It’s great to have your own personal style, a way to recognize you from a far. But, sometimes it’s good to add variety and change into your wardrobe. Variety could make your style go from drab to fab and keep you from getting boring.Continue reading

The Best Invention For Makeup Storage!


Lets face it girls…Makeup could really pile up. With all the pretty colors, varieties…gotta have them all 🙂 Do you ever misplace certain makeups that you wanna use, but end up not finding it and settling for something else that you have? Well, a great invention to have is a makeup organization system, like the one above.Continue reading

Busy Life? Trouble Remembering Things? Here’s your answer…


Having a busy life could become hectic and anyone could easily forget things. You could use a daily planner like the one in the picture above or you could use what I use. What is that you ask?…Continue reading

Low Cut Dress? Fashion Tape Could Help!


Do you have a low cut dress or top and want to wear it without your boobs popping out? Then fashion tape is a must-have. Fashion tape adheres to the inside of the dress (or top) and your skin, same piece of tape, and keeps the dress from moving out of place. No wardrobe malfunction is gonna happen with this ingenious invention!Continue reading

80’s Fashion Trends That You Could Wear Today!

80s fashion

Let’s face it… The 80’s had some really interesting looks. Spandex, funky furs, shoulder pads, scrunchies. Guess what? These clothing items, as well as others like the items shown below, are back in fashion. To a certain extent, of course. Modern day twists of these 80’s trends are showing up on the runway.Continue reading

Converse Shoes – The Shoes That Won’t Ever Go Out of Style


Converse shoes, ah, they won’t ever go out of style. From athletic wear to daily fashion, these iconic sneakers have been around since 1908. First, basketball and baseball athletes used them, then around the 1950s, they came to be fashionable to the general public. Decades later, not only were guys wearing them, but girls too.

They came to be my favorite shoes of all time. I’ve had them since I was a little girl and still have several pairs, including pink ones like in the picture above. I’m so like the girl in the picture! I may start out with pretty high heels, but once my feet hurt, on come on the Converse shoes lol.Continue reading

2016 Hair Trend: Rainbow Hair


The rainbow hair trend is a wild look that will definitely get heads turning in your direction. It’s crazy, colorful, and bold. This hair color trend is for people that are sick of their natural hair color and want to do something different and daring. It’s not for everyone. If you’re not sure, maybe just start out with clip in extensions.Continue reading